Buy With Confidence

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our marketplace is built upon the concept of trust. We hold our buyers and sellers to the highest of standards. When you’re buying discounted subscriptions from us, we want to ensure you have the most positive experience on Gowd and that every subscription account that you purchase is according to the listing provided by the seller of that account within our marketplace. With this in mind, every purchase is backed by the Money-Back Guarantee, which assures that:

1)The account continually works for the entire duration of the period paid, and is as described in the listing, along with every feature, plan type, or other type of description; and

2)The account holder resolves any such issues within 24 hours of reporting it via the account’s chat room.

If your issue still remains unresolved after 24 hours, please submit a Ticket to us, and we’ll be glad to issue a refund.